"YUKATA" (Cotton long robe ) is very traditional style in Japan. This style is very popular and loved regardless of age widely by many people because it's very comfortable. It promises your comfortable sleep !!
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"KAMAWANU" Cotton "YUKATA" robe (Long)[Y801]

Our Selling Price: JPY4,500 (tax excl.)
Weight: 460g

"KAMAWANU" --- this design is very popular and unique because of its form the mixture "hiragana"(Japanese traditional script) and pictures. The pictures of sickle and circle, "ぬ" of "hiragana" are pronounced "KAMAWANU" in Japanese and represents "Don't worry, be happy!!"  That's the special message for you that you don't have to care about any worries and suffers, all things will work well !!

 Model wears size:M.

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"KAMAWANU" --- The picture of sickle is pronounced "KAMA" and circle is "WA". Finally "ぬ" of "hiragana"( Japanese traditional script ) is pronounced "NU".
The mixture of pictures and "hiragana" represents "Don't worry. Be happy !!"

"YUKATA" robe --- it is a very popular style in Japan and loved regardless of age widely as the bathrobe by many people. The defference of Unisex (Men's) and Lady's is just the shape of sleeves. The sleeves of Unisex (Men's) are "square shape", but Lady's ones are "rounded shape". Both of the width are same. It promises your comfortable sleep and relax time !!
Danjurou Ichikawa, a famous "Kabuki"(Japanese traditional opera) actor loved it and often wore "Kimono" drawn with "KAMAWANU" on his stage in the Edo period.

--- Product Details
This cotton fabric is a little thin and cool. 100% cotton wicks away moisture. With the same fabric sash belt attached in the bottom of the sleeve. Wash separately. 100% cotton. Machine wash warm gentle. Do not bleach. Medium hot iron. Keep away from fire. Designed and made in Japan.

-- Sizing Chart
"YUKATA" robe (Inches)
SIZE:M Length 56" Height 5'1"- 5'9"
SIZE:L Length 59" Height 5'9"- 6'1"

* Length : Measured from collar to buttom

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