"YUKATA" (Cotton long robe ) is very traditional style in Japan. This style is very popular and loved regardless of age widely by many people because it's very comfortable. It promises your comfortable sleep !!
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"SAMURAI" EMBLEM Cotton "YUKATA" robe (Long)[Y815]

Our Selling Price: JPY6,600
Weight: 490g

"MITSUBA-AOI (three leaves of hollyhock)" ... It's a family crest of "SHOGUN" , the "TOKUGAWA CLAN".

 "TOKUGAWA IEYASU" is a very fomous "SHOGUN(GENERAL)" who founded the "Tokugawa shogunate" and built the "Edo Period". The Edo period had been continued during 265 years, and Japan had been ruled by the "Tokugawa clan".



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Front (BLUE)

"YUKATA" robe --- it is a very popular style in Japan and loved regardless of age widely as the bathrobe by many people. The defference of Unisex (Men's) and Lady's is just the shape of sleeves. The sleeves of Unisex (Men's) are "square shape", but Lady's ones are "rounded shape". Both of the width are same. It promises your comfortable sleep and relax time!!

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-- Product Details
It's 100% cotton wicks away moisture. With the same fabric sash belt attached in the bottom of the sleeve. Wash separately. Machine wash cold or warm gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Keep away from fire. Designen in Japan.

-- Sizing Chart
"YUKATA" robe (Inches)
SIZE:M Length 55" Height 5'3"- 5'7"
SIZE:L Length 58" Height 5'5"- 5'9"

* Length : Measured from collar to bottom

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The embroidery of "SAMURAI" emblem is on the back side. The gold emblem is on the "YUKATA" of charcoal gray color or blue color with black stripes. There is no emblem on the front side.

The embroidered part is very delicate, so please handle it with care.