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The perfect cotton will promise your comfortable life !!
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Chrysanthemum & Crane  "Kimono" robe

Chrysanthemum & Crane "Kimono" robe

Many cranes are flying around the shiny chrysanthemums  in a line. The crane symbolizes "Longev…
"ZEN"(禅) "Kimono" robe

"ZEN"(禅) "Kimono" robe

 "禅(ZEN)"--- it's one of the spiritual trainings  of Buddhists.  Such as "Yoga", &nbs…
TIGER & DRAGON  "Kimono" robe

TIGER & DRAGON "Kimono" robe

The fighting of the tiger which is "the king on the ground" & the dragon which is "the champion …
Fighting Dragon "Kimono" robe

Fighting Dragon "Kimono" robe

Two golden dragons are fighting above the white clouds. The lightning of thunder breaks  down t…
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