"YUKATA" is loved by many people not only Japanese and but also the visitor from overseas becsause of its smooth and soft quality.
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"YUKATA" is one of the very traditional styles in Japan. Normaly it is made of cotton and very comfortable. Many people use it as the bathrobe or sleeping coat in their daily life. Most of Japanese hotels serve visitors with "YUKATA"as sleeping coat
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"KASURI"  Cotton "YUKATA" robe (Long)

"KASURI" Cotton "YUKATA" robe (Long)

"KASURI" is one of very traditional designs of "KIMONO" and "YUKATA". This splash pattern …
"SAMURAI" EMBLEM  Cotton "YUKATA" robe (Long)

"SAMURAI" EMBLEM Cotton "YUKATA" robe (Long)

"MITSUBA-AOI (三つ葉葵)" (three leaves of hollyhock) ... It's a family crest of "SHOGUN" (将軍), the "TOKU…
Family Emblem  Cotton "YUKATA" robe (Long)

Family Emblem Cotton "YUKATA" robe (Long)

 Many Japanese emblems called "Mon" or "Kamon"are drawn on the traditional geometric design.&nb…
Dragon  Cotton "YUKATA" robe (Long)

Dragon Cotton "YUKATA" robe (Long)

 The dragon believed as the guardian creature that protects the God with his spiritua…
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