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Item Description

"ZEN"(禅)  "Kimono" robe[CK573]

Our Selling Price: JPY8,400
Weight: 600g

 "ZEN"--- it's one of the spiritual trainings  of Buddhists.  Such as "Yoga",  people seek the peace of their soul and mind through the meditation for enlightenment.


This "KIMONO" is one size fits most. However, the width is a little wider than other Men's "KIMONO" & "YUKATA". A model is wearing "black", but the gray decorative belt is not included.


【Color】Black, Red
【Product detail (in centimeters)】Total length 149cm
【Product detail (in inches)】Total length 59inch






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Black (Front)

This "KIMONO"'s sleeve is straight type.

-- Product Details
This cotton fabric is high guality and very durable. It's feels soft and smooth. 100% cotton wicks away moisture. With the same fabric sash belt. One size fits most. 100% cotton. Wash separately. Machine wash warm gentle. Do not bleach. Medium hot iron. Keep away from fire. Designed and made in Japan.
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Black (Back)

-- Sizing Chart
"KIMONO" robe (Inch)
SIZE:L Length 59" Height 5'9"- 6'1"

* Length : Measured from collar to buttom

【Size of belt (in centimeters)】Length 180cm x Width 5cm
【Size of belt (in inches)】Length 71inch x Width 2inch
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Red (Front)

On both sides of the "KIMONO", the Japanese word " Zen" is embroidered beautifully.