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Item Description

Crane "Kimono" robe XL ( Wide Size )[CK594XL]

Our Selling Price: JPY7,200
Weight: 550g

The crane symbolizes "Longevity" and "Happiness" in Japan. The old proverb of Japan says "The crane lives 1000 years". This is an auspicious pattern often used for bridal wear.

Left picture is "Blue".

【Color】Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Black
【Product detail (in centimeters)】Total length 147cm
【Product detail (in inches)】Total length 58inch
【Size of belt (in centimeters)】Length 220cm x Width 5cm
【Size of belt (in inches)】Length 87inch x Width 2inch



More photos
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Alternate colors
From right to left; Green, Black, Red, Blue, Purple
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Blue (back)

-- Product Details
This cotton fabric is soft and smooth. 100% cotton wicks away moisture. With the same fabric sash belt. One size fits most. 100% cotton. Wash separately. Machine wash warm gentle. Do not bleach. Medium hot iron. Keep away from fire. Designed and made in Japan.

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