Match these ”GETA" wooden sandals to the color of your kimono, yukata, or obi, and bring them along with you for your own unique Japanese style.
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Our Selling Price: JPY3,300
Weight: 420g

These "GETA" wooden sandals have a wide, square toe, so even if you stretch out your little toe, they will not fall out of the geta and hold it securely.

Moreover, it is 10.6" (27cm) long, so you can walk for a long time without the heel sticking out, giving you a sense of stability! Recommended for people who enjoy Japanese-style color coordination, regardless of gender.

Match them with your kimono, yukata, or obi color, and bring them along with you to create your own unique Japanese style!!


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--Material Details--

Material: paulownia wood (black stand) / Snare: polyester / Sole: rubber

Color: Red/ White/ Pink/ Yellow/ Purple

Size: LL (10.6"/27cm)
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--Size Chart--
Please note that these are measurements taken on a flat surface, so please allow for slight variations.

The nosepiece is a simple yet fashionable design decorated with cherry blossoms on the ground. The reverse side of the sandal is made of a soft material that is gentle to the skin and comfortable to wear.

The "GETA" soles are cushioned with non-slip rubber soles to protect your feet from hard surfaces, even on long trips.
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--Other Notes--

The nose strap part is tight, so when you use it for the first time, please pull the nose strap part a little and adjust it so that your toes can enter easily.

The height and width of the instep and the length of the toes vary from person to person, so even though the shoes are oversized, the comfort of the shoes will vary from person to person.

Please read the above mentioned size and precautions carefully before purchasing.

Please refrain from using the product in the rain for long periods of time or on unpaved roads.

Please understand that we do not accept any returns or exchanges (size or image differences, etc.) for any reason.